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Q Does my organization have to put up any money?
A No. Westlake Events, Inc. puts up all required front money and all vendors like phone companies, office rent, etc. are in company's name.

Q Does Westlake Events, Inc. have liability insurance?
A Yes, we have a $1 million liability policy. We have never had a claim.

Q Why is the organization asked to open a separate bank account?
A Tickets are sold and proceeds are distributed on a weekly basis. The separate bank account is requested for security and legitimacy reasons and so that funds from the special events are not mixed up with the sponsor's other activities.

Q Will we get our guarantee regardless of sales?
A Yes. The guarantee is part of the contract. Regardless of whatever ticket sales are, your guarantee is your guarantee.

Q Do we have to sell the two hundred tickets the organization receives?
A No, these tickets are your tickets to give away or to sell. All proceeds from your tickets are yours in addition to your guarantee.

Q Will the organization have approval of the script that is used for marketing?
A Yes, this is part of the contract and is pre-approved before the marketing campaign begins.

Q Will we have to do anything at the event?
A We normally ask the sponsor to provide assistance with ticket taking, ushering, etc. but only if you want to help. If we need to find people to do these tasks, we can.

Q What do we have to do?
A After the contract is signed, all you have to do is provide a member of your group to meet with our local marketer once a week for about 20 minutes.

Q How long do we sign for?
A Our normal contract period is three years, but we can amend the agreement to make it work for all parties.

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